Working in conjunction with the Lockdown Banking Software, Debit Release eliminates the need to write checks, report State escheat, and monitor check reconciliation. Upon release of a resident, correctional officers have the ability to swipe a provided debit card without the hassle of writing checks or keeping track of a cashbox. 

Using the Debit Release program will allow officers the ability to conveniently transfer any remaining resident credit directly to a debit card. Officers will no longer bare the responsibility of handling cash, nor spend time writing checks. The Lockdown Banking Software handles all release transactions drastically decreasing the time spent releasing residents by officers. 

Once released from a facility, a resident will be issued a debit card with his/her remaining balance. The debit card can then be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. The Debit Release Program helps residents transition back into society by giving them the opportunity to link his/her debit card to a personalized checking account allowing for future direct deposits.